Monday, February 4, 2008

February Street News

There's a lot going on.
L' ART De LA RESISTANCE was awarded grant from the Humboldt Area Foundation and KEET to produce a mural. We're working on Humboldt County History.
ART AS RESISTANCE facilitates Black Liberation Month t-shirt printing. The theme is "The Essence of Love, Pride and Liberation"
ARTES RESISTENTES facilitates poetry encounter: A message from Cheri Strong

On January 16, 2008 Robert and Steve held a potluck at their house. It was partly to honor two young people into our small but growing community of what I will call One Love with Heart for Social Change. We welcome Annayal and Amber and hope they will make it to many more potlucks. While we came to talk and read poetry to each other I think we would all agree that we came to hear from WATTS PROPHETS Amde and Shirley Hamilton. Amde shed some light on the path to being a better poet and recited some of his poems. In my mind Amde is the father of the west coast hip-hop movement. He is a very humble man with none of the swagger of so many hip-hop men. The entire event had a very positive vibe to it. I want to send a shout out of love and joy for everyone who helped to start the formation of a small community from Robert and Steve's kitchen. Hopefully this can be the start of an ongoing chance for all of us to express our feelings and to read poetry in a safe space.

Don't let the propaganda machine convince you that your thoughts don't matter. You can change people one at a time. If you are reading this I hope you will be able to make it to our next little get together.
~ Cheri


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